Speaker Graphics

Speaker Graphics – Promote yourself to clients!


Graphics (below) are for use in email signatures, social media, websites, etc. Please feel free to share with colleagues and encourage them to use them.


TO DOWNLOAD A GRAPHIC – Simply click on your name. It will open a new window, where you can right click > Save image as…


TO QUICKLY FIND YOUR NAME – Simply Graphics are organized by Company Name in alphabetical order. If you are a consultant, they are organized by your first initial, middle intial, and last name. To quickly find a name press CTRL and the letter F, then enter the name you are looking for in the search bar and press enter. 


Please check again soon for 2018 Speakers’ Graphics.

Helpful Hints for a Powerpoint Presentation

Minimize the number of slides

Present a clear message that keeps the audience attentive & interested

Choose an appropriate font style & size

Make sure the audience can read the text from a distance (Helvetica or Arial)

Face your audience

Don’t stand with your back to the audience or read directly from the screen

Ask questions

Arouse curiosity & interest by engaging with the audience

Build tension: ask a question, then give the audience a minute 

Interaction is the key to great presentation!

Keep your text simple

Use bullet points or short sentences

Encourage the audience to listen rather than read slides

Write a script

Slides should illustrate and expand on what is said

Prepare an outline of the presentation before creating slides

Have a hook

The best presentations catch their audiences’ attention early & keep it

Open with something surprising or intriguing