Quarter Ratings & LDAR Monitoring


—Using Predictive Analytics to Determine Monitoring Quality


June 25th, 2018- George R Brown Convention Center – Houston, TX, USA



Class Length: 4 Hours

Class Schedule: June 25th, 8:00AM – 12:00PM

Training Company: EMSI


Class Description:

With over 30 years of LDAR practices have we learned anything?

What if we could use the past to not only assess the present but predict the future with great accuracy?

Join us as we use predictive analytics to determine monitoring quality.

Much like a QB rating in the NFL, the technician will get a technician rating, covering many key performance indicators.

What if you could prepare for an audit by running algorithms on data to produce areas of concern? What if every route you sent out with a technician had a predicted end result that is ~90% accurate that made falsification non-existent amongst your data in the database?

These are not myths; this is the future of the industry. Join our class and learn how our present and future will be evolved through the use of predictive analytics.

Topics Covered:

LDAR Past, Present, Future

Monitoring Quality

Technician Performance

Audit Readiness

For more information, please contact Stephen Rust by email at stephen@4cmarketplace.com.