Helpful Hints for Presentation Material

Helpful Hints for Presentation Material


Minimize the number of slides

  • Present a clear message that keeps the audience attentive & interested
  • Choose an appropriate font style & size
  • Make sure the audience can read the text from a distance (Helvetica or Arial)

Keep your text simple

  • Use bullet points or short sentences
  • Encourage the audience to listen rather than read slides

Have a hook

  • The best presentations catch their audiences’ attention early & keep it
  • Open with something surprising or intriguing

Write a script

  • Slides should illustrate and expand on what is said
  • Prepare an outline of the presentation before creating slides

Face your audience

  • Don’t stand with your back to the audience or read directly from the screen
  • Arouse curiosity & interest by engaging with the audience
  • Build tension: Ask a question, then give the audience a minute
  • Interaction is the key to great presentation!

Please avoid commercial content, keep your presentation informative and entertaining!


Click here to download the Pump Summit Americas Presentation Template