Our Chairman Baha Tanju invites you to attend Pump Summit Americas!

It is my pleasure to take up the role of Chairman for the 2018 Pump Summit Americas Conference & Exhibition. I am extremely proud to be involved in the organization of an event that I believe to be an outstanding platform and a great resource to the pump industry. Pump Summit Americas addresses many pump applications across a variety of industries, including oil and gas, power generation, petrochemical and water and wastewater, among many others.

From my professional perspective, the Pump Summit Americas conference provides an opportunity for people from all sides of the pump industry to come together to discuss experiences, share insights and work together to resolve common challenges. You will be able to meet experts in fields as diverse as material specification, pump operations, environmental protection, enhanced efficiency and cryogenic applications.

Innovations of the pump industry will be presented by expert end users, EPCs, manufacturers, suppliers, fabricators and distributors who all strive to share their knowledge. Sharing knowledge and networking between professionals is essential to gain benefits and grow within the industry, and to help ignite and inspire interest.

Along with the entire 2018 Pump Summit Americas Steering Committee, I look forward to presenting you with an informative conference program that will challenge you to learn more about the important role that pumps play in numerous applications.

I am looking forward to a great event and I am honored to have the opportunity to serve as your Chairman.



Baha Tanju

Sr. Advisor, Subsea Control Systems

Chevron Energy Technology Company